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There’s less than three weeks until the 2020 elections. While the presidential campaigns prepare for competing town hall events, in Meadowview, a Sacramento, CA neighborhood, community members are gathered on a zoom call comparing notes on ballot initiatives and workshopping questions they would ask City Council candidates and the Mayor…

Photo by YIFEI CHEN on Unsplash

Ned Berke & Max Resnik Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism

As reader revenue becomes an increasingly important source of support for news organizations, many publishers are focused on optimizing their content, marketing and technology funnels put in place to encourage reader contributions.

Mather Economics President…

Harri ‘Indio’ Ramkishun of The Bronx Filmmakers Collective talks about his favorite public space during the 2nd Annual Mott Haven H. E. Arts Festival — Photo by Max Resnik

The temperature rose to 97° this weekend in Mott Haven. At the 2nd Annual H. E. Arts Festival on 140th street, the sun melted the ice cooling the elote mayo while local officials gave speeches promising to fight for public space for the community.


On a windy Saturday morning in early December, 16 local reporters gathered at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism for a mobile filmmaking workshop. They represented a range of publications. A Chinese language daily paper, a Turkish web publisher, a Spanish journalist responsible for the social media account of…

Photo of the live screening of Lost Landscapes of New York — footage from Phillip Medicus home film of NY World’s Fair of 1939–1940

You are the soundtrack

The crowd chimed in quickly. Footage of immigrants prompted an audience member to ask

“I’m an immigrant!” another voice from behind me on right called out.

Talking is encouraged at the Lost Landscapes screenings. In fact, it’s essential…

For the past several months, the 2017 CUNY Social Journalism cohort participated in a massive collaborative journalism project led by ProPublica.

Federal data on hate crimes is “deeply flawed” and reports of hate incidents have risen in the last two years. Journalists partnering with this project have found inadequate training…

Max Resnik

Max is a CUNY Social-J and Tow-Knight alum and former Media Team Lead for Cortico/Local Voices Network — find him @maxresnik

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